80 Zone Texas A&M Irrigation Project

We were delighted to be selected as the irrigation controls vendor for a major upgrade of the Gardens at TAMU Horticultural. The job was to furnish 10 Rain8s for controlling 80 zones of irrigation. The photo to the right shows the 10 Rain8 units sharing one 24v AC transformer and one power line interface.

WGL supplied everything needed to connect 80 irrigation zones to the Internet, except the PC.

A major specification of the job was to provide the ability to remotely control all aspects of the irrigation project as well as monitor in real time the functioning of the 80 zones from any PC connected to the Internet.

The WGL Script Generator software is being used by each of these groups (Turf, Hensel, etc.) to allow for easy modification of the run times for each individual zone. A global modification feature provides for increasing or decreasing the run times of every zone in a group in 5% increments. Imagine what it would be like using conventional irrigation controllers, to tweak all 80 zones for seasonal requirements.

10 Rain8s providing 80 zones

1/13/2003 Update

TAMU is adding an additional 40 zones to their irrigation system, making a
total of 120 zones all controlled from one computer. The problem was that this second batch of zones was some distance away and powered from another transformer. This prevented the power line carrier (PLC) signals from reaching the new location. WGL agreed to design and supply a “PLC to RF to PLC ” link using a custom transceiver (W600) that would enable the seamless control of all 120 zones as if they were in the same area.