V572 RF Whole House Transceiver

Looking for a high quality alternative to X10’s TM751 or RR501?

Our V572 RF transceiver provides a professional alternative that not only receives all 256 X10 addresses, but also provides greater reception range and more custom control. Because the V572 receives all 16 house codes, you can replace 16 normal TM751 transceivers with a single V572!

By offering this product with an external antenna and a state-of-the-art receiver, users are achieving impressive ranges with ordinary X10 transmitters like key chain remotes, motion sensors and palm pad remotes:

“I have set the unit on the floor in my entry way. I slowly converted all my wireless devices over to using it, and removing the various TM751 receivers around the house. My farthest outdoor sensor, a DM10, is down my driveway a bit, about 30 feet from the house. It could barely operate a TM751 placed outside in the breezeway, 25 feet from the receiver. With the V572, it is reliably working at a distance of almost 200' from the antenna, with the antenna sitting on the floor.”        -Nathan

“Just wanted to write to say a big "Thanks" for the V572A. Incredible range... I installed it in our barn I'm finishing which is approx 500 ft from our house. I can turn on & off lights with our old X10 keychain remotes or keypad controller from inside the house with no problems at all. I was hoping for 200 or so foot range so this was a very pleasant surprise. It's not often that a product outperforms the specs advertised!”        -Frank Harrington

How it Works

An internal 310Mhz receiver detects incoming RF signals generated by X10 compatible remote devices: palm pad remotes, key chain remotes, HawkEye motion detectors, and many others. These signals are filtered by an optional user defined list of allowed house and unit codes.

The enabled signals are sent to a XTBIIR, TW523, PSC05 or Powerlinc power line interface module which then broadcasts the X10 commands down the power line to receiving modules (X10 light switch modules, lamp modules, appliance modules, etc.).

Here is a schematic detailing the various components of a typical installation.

V572 Features:

  • Receives all 256 house/unit code addresses
  • External antenna package for extreme range
  • Custom house & unit code filtering via configuration program
  • Filtering settings are not lost during power loss

Here are the detailed specs for the V572.

If you have a dedicated computer you can use for home automation control, then you should look at using our W800RF32 receiver. For a W800RF32 - V572 comparison, Click here.

External Antenna

replace 16 TM751s
with 1 V572 Transceiver!

Ordering (for use in U.S. and Canada)


Includes 12 ft coax cable, external quarter wave whip antenna and 9v DC power supply.

Required XTB523, PSC05, TW523 or 1132b Powerlink X10 power line interface is not included.

If you do not already have one of above, please verify that you can purchase one as they are in short supply as of 6/15/12.
Here is the link for the XTB523
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32 bit version now avaialble
Read great review in HomeToys e-mag!

In addition to the standard features it also receives 32 bit RF data from X10 devices like the DS10A & MS10A. These 32 bit security signals are mapped to any regular X10 address and transmitted over the power line.

New 32 bit version of V572. Up to 32 security devices like the DS10A may be mapped to any desired conventional X10 address and transmitted over the power line.

Includes 12 ft coax cable, external quarter wave whip antenna, mounting bracket and RS232 computer cable.

Required XTB523, PSC05, TW523 or 1132b Powerlink X10 power line interface is not included.
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International Model (433.92 mhz)

We have developed a three phase, 433.92 mhz version of the V572A, for use with most X10 RF transmitters sold outside of the U.S. and Canada. Like the V572A, this model comes with an external whip antenna and 12 ft of coaxial cable. It does require the user to furnish a 9 to 20 VDC 50ma or greater power supply and a XM10 power line interface (220v version of PSC05).
Our European customers can now order this product directly from IntelliHome.

3 phase model
433.92 mhz versionfor use outside U.S. and Canada.

Includes 12 ft coax cable, external quarter 433mhz wave whip antenna.

Required 9VDC power supply and XM10 power line interface not included


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Replacement 310 mhz antenna, bracket & 12' of RG6 coax cable $19.95
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V572A replacement module only $69.50
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V572RF32 32 bit replacement module only $79.50
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replacement 9 VDC power supply $9.50
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Software Downloads

V572A config Configuration Software
V572RF32 config New 32 bit Configuration Software & Instructions

Documentation Downloads

Instructions in pdf format

Brochure in PDF format.